Aree Food (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established to emphasize the uniqueness of Thai food and culture. The founder is a food connoisseur who likes to cook food that has been passed down from generations to generations. The methods are derived from using her sense of smell, looks and taste of authentic Thai food experienced during her childhood days.

           The chairman of the company Patiruttana and Jurairat Ramjatu had absorbed culinary knowledge and experience since their childhood. This includes traditional and basic methods of cooking such as curries, stir-fry, boiled dishes and various desserts that are well recognized as exceptional culinary skills. This makes Aree Food (Thailand) Co., Ltd. what it is today.

Makro company was supporting frozen foods and ready-to-eat products to enlarge Thai SME opportunities.

"We produce a variety of flavors for your selection"


attention to detail with every step of the production process from preparation of raw materials to transportation of finished products


We comply with GMP and HACCP standards, making it safe and clear of harmful chemicals


We produce products according to the customer’s needs, considering the interests of our customers


Taste is a crucial aspect; therefore, we emphasize on using good quality of raw materials and seasoning


Research and
Development is our duty

At Aree Foods (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 

We manufacture and are involved in research and development. This includes recipes for both savory and sweet food under the customer’s brand name in the form of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for over 17 years.

This is always achieved through services from production and preservation of food quality with freezing technology until the product is transported to the customers.

Examples of products we produce are frozen ready meals, Thai desserts, chilly paste, vegetarian foods, and salad dressings.

BTIMES: ‘Aree Foods’ food manufacturer for house brand to extend the delivery brands.


"COVID-19 has allowed us to develop our ideas about how we can't stick to the same things, we have to adapt according to the ever-changing situation of the world.”


With GMP and HACCP international standards, you could confidently trust that we are concentrated on every production process until it is delivered into your hands since we are creating products with a sense of responsibility to the customers. 

Received The Best Innovation Award, Pathfinder Award and The Best Executive Award


The brand was assured by GHPs and HACCP CODEX

With our carefulness

We are creating the deliciousness products to satisfy your needs.